Elemental Candle Holder

Status Competition

Type Objects

The proposed trophy propsal reflects the -preparation-stage (encounter element-permeable boundary)-interaction with the audience time -flow-of the Theater in general scale, and Afife Jale's life plane (preparation-devotion, permeable borders, overflowing beyond borders) in Afife Jale scale. Creates its own whole by interpreting it together with its parallel flow. In this context, the sculpture is a glass frame border, metaphorizing the scene with a transparent glass frame as a permeable boundary encounter element with a gold-plated metal body in the form of “fluid” waves representing the above-mentioned energy and light spectra, the “root” and initial field on a marble base It creates a strong symbolic general form in line with the concept of the award figurine, with a clear mass effect such as energy and “light spectra” that interact with the audience after overflowing with the element.