Elemental Table Mirror
Elemental - Table Mirror
A round mirror floats on a cubic marble base,mirror floats on the base with a help of an invisible brass plate behind it.
Yekpare - Stool
Arch - Pendant Lamp
Arch lampshade becomes from two single part,upper and lower part,the design of these parts influenced by Ancient Roman Archetype.
Bosphorus Napkin Holder
Istanbul - Napkin Holder
Istanbul is a napkin holder design bended from a single brass sheet.Each side of design reflects projection of bosphorus coastlines which connects asia+europe continents.
Nest Pen Box
FullMoon - Table Light
A spherical lampshade stands on a horizontal platform which forms from small leftover marble pieces and brass plates.
Full Moon Lamp
Half Moon - Pendant Lamp
Half Moon is a lamp shade design bended from a single circular brass sheet with a minimalistic approach.It gets form of half circle after bending.
Arch Pendant Lamp
Aladdin - Candle Holder
Aladdin is a two sided candle holder design,one side is for tealight,the other side is for candlestick,these two faces seperate by a thin brass line.
Cyristal - Pendant Lamp
Movement in serenity,purity in finiteness.Triangular shapes formed the lamp shade.
Earth - Napkin Holder
Earth is a Napkin Holder Serie,negative space of world forests map incised into brass plate of world map outline,in this way,design points environmental impact of paper consumption ironically.
Orbit - Pendant Lamp
Orbit forms from processed leftover marble pieces and brass plates.Design influences by pivotal movement of galaxies.
WabiSabi Napkin Holder
WabiSabi - Napkin Holder