7 Tips for Successful Planning Before Start

When you have been living in the same house for years, minor renovation requirements sometimes do not draw an attention, or it is always postponed to that "one day". If it is an old building, you notice that fuses start to blow off, the taps drip and doors creak. I do not even start to mention blistering paints, leaking ceilings and scratched floorboards. Of course there are also houses which will be moved elsewhere. Craftsmen haven't set foot in some of them for a long time; some of them do not meet your needs. Some are rental; why force the budget and some are your first home; you want the best.

How to plan? Where to start?

What are the latest trends? You can find the answers to all these questions in this article.

  • Before starting any kind of renovating, you needto make sure that you have rock-solid nerves!
  • You can work with an interior designer and he can prepare a project for you in line with the improvements you desire.
  • You need to obtain necessary permits from the related loca authority. Renovation work usually included in the scope of simple repair.
  • You need to get a program from your designer that specifies the sequence of business and the approximate duration of the project.
  • According to that project, you should find the skilledcraftsmen, discuss the project with them and work with those who will follow the program milestones.(For example, on April 18, the demolition crew will start and dispose of the debris. On April 21, sanitary and electrical installers will start)
  • You have to buy all the necessary materials and they must be ready before the skilled craftsmen start towork; you need to get the sequence right especially if you are going to use the embedding material.(For example, if you bought a embedding bathtub faucet, you should get your plumber to install and plaster it and leave it ready before the tile contractor arrives)
  • If there is a natural gas pipeline change, you should work with competent engineers in order to obtain the permission, and initiate the project designing and approval issues.

Where do you start when you need to renovate a house that has been inhabited for years?

When I start to renovate a house where there is a lot of furniture and life experience, firstly I try to analyze the landlords very well. I do not start to work before I get some clues on their pleasures, the way they like to live their life, their favorite books and favorite colors. First of all, I set aside the objects that they do not want to give up and try to figure out how to put them to good use. I send those objects to the manufacturers for renewal. For example; if there isan old, worn-out armchair that has a proper structure, I reuse it by using a new fabric according to the colors of the new decoration. If this is a table, I either renew the polish or cut a marble onto it. Books are indispensable for me. When I am decorating, I always pay attention to place a bookcase in the house. I design the house according to the style of the house. After I reserve the pieces that I can reuse, I move on to the designing the new pieces which are compatible with the old ones. Meanwhile; colors, textures, materials start to take shapein my mind.




      Love your ideas here Eser, I'm a huge fan of upcycling and I'm always looking in skips for treasures that other people throw away. I need to look into cash back sites too! Thank you.


      Planning is the key, it's very valuable ideas. Thanks Eser.


      More ideas coming to my mind. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I'm glad I bumped into this post.

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