In this article, I will talk about basic questions regarding correct material selection and which points should we consider in this project.

First, let's start with a commonly preferred material, Wallpaper.

What should you be careful about wallpaper application?

"Wallpaper application should be done by an experienced person. If an inexperienced person applies the wallpaper, you will not feel happy about the results. What is more, you will always see the problems in craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this is what I often see. My customers think that "we paid a lot for the product, our painter knows this thing, he can do the job. But, the customer is forced to buy the product again. And this is not I want at the very least."

Will digital wallpapers be in our lives?

"Sharing what is experienced has extremely become popular. It is clear that this is caused by the need to feel important. Design world cannot be separated from this behaviour and emotion, and it shouldn't be. For that reason, like experience feeling in design will continue to reign. Used woods, torn up textiles, old paints, rusty metals, old silvers, lacework will continue to grow. I believe the new will be accepted as it contains the old."

Which room should have which colour? What do you recommend? Why?

"Of course, living rooms in one of the most important parts: Since it is shared space, mild colours can be selected. Special grey colours like mountain crystal and star dust, light beige like moon stone, or grey blue, sea blue. In bedroom, therapy colours can be selected. The colours should help you relax. For example, cloud blue. Corridors may have light colours. You can add photos. So, stone colour, crystal white, greyish tones, or dark anthracite can be some of the options. Room of the child is related with character of the child. It is important to stay away from classic taste that is for everyone. Pink or blue is standard. Mint, turquoise, water-like colours, sweet beige tones, crystal mountain colours, opal ice white can be some of the options. In short, you need to select the colours based on individual identities of the child. Bathroom and kitchen are dynamic environments. Natural tones or tones that reflect the identity of the homeowner should be used. The scale ranges between tattletale white to chromium yellow, saffron, mint green, and silver. Medium tones in dining room will fit special local lighting or aesthetical lighting units; I suggest grey blue, magma, star dust."

What should I be careful about when changing the colour of a room?

"One of the things I spend a lot of time is the colour of the walls! As the number of colour choices increase, it is extremely hard to select matching colours. Especially, for those who rarely change the colour of their walls. As I select colours for the spaces, it is important to eliminate some options for an easier selection. The most important thing to consider is the structure of the furniture and space! Before changing the colour, I recommend you analyse even the slightest detail of your house or office. Even though different colours are combined, selecting the correct wall paint will make the room seem cohesive. One of the most important steps of renovation is to try the selected colour on site. You can use large colour samples in Jotun stores and see how your dream colour looks at your home. I should note that you should look at the colour under daylight."

Which tones are key for warm spaces?

"One of the easiest way to create a relaxing environment is to use warm colours. Neutral walls in the living room and modern furniture will refresh by adding copper orange to one wall. As earth-like tone of copper orange resemble warmth, the remaining neutral tones will create a relaxing environment. For copper orange to really shine, velvet cushions, wooden furniture, and copper candlesticks can be used as well as accessories and textile with similar colours. Emphasise the warm environment of the room with patterned textile. Warm colours will bring the calmness of the nature to your home and create an ideal space to relax."

What is happening in the "colourful" and warm parquet world?

"In recent years, laminated parquet is popular in-home decoration. These laminated parquets are offered in the natural stone or granite tones or with contrast tones used on other surfaces."

What should I be careful about selecting tile?

"Tile trends and usage areas are keeping pace with changing styles. Where, how, and under what conditions are surface coating are used plays an important role for product selection. Tiles are divided into three parts like wall tile, floor tile, and porcelain tile. It is important to consider where the tile be used before buying the product. Tiles are designed by inspiring from marble, concrete, cement, and wood. These new tile trends can meet the needs of users and show a different style."

When you are selecting tile, shape and size of the house and personal preferences should be considered. Before selecting pattern and colour, application style should be determined. Another important criterion is size of the tile... For example, to achieve larger look in houses, large tiles should be selected. Since smaller filling materials are used in large tiles, patterns and colours will be dominant and the house will look larger. Another important thing is the easy-to-clean structure of the product. Tiles can be easily cleaned compared to other surface materials. Tiles offer an ideal solution for applications that require high hygienic standards. Additionally, with special surface treatment of ceramic tiles, these tiles will have "anti-slip" property for higher safety. While natural stone, matte and wooden design for pool side and patio create modern look, "anti-slip" property offers a safe environment.

What will be 2018 home textile trends?

"In 2018 design, ethnical cultures and nature has great effect. Nature will be included in homes and offices in the city with patterns and materials. Instead of boring walls, energising colours and patterns will lead this trend. This year, designers are working with nature texture in wall applications and textile. Patina-looked walls, naturally ages antique looks, real tree crusts and bamboo wall coatings will be popular. Handmade wall applications are dominating this collection. As each product has different characteristics, boring look of serial production is avoided. Designers that want to use new materials and production technologies choose non-flammable textile."




      Thanks for the list here! I was not familiar with some of details with materials.


      Me too. Such an amazing post. I love the list. Thanks for such an interesting post. I was searching for some of home decor tips to improve my home and i found this post so useful. Great work!

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