Design Corridors Urban Pavillion (competition entry)

Area 750 sqm

Status Competition

Type Public

Client Public

Design Corridors is a public pavillion project for Izmir Municipality.The first starting point of the design at the upper scale is the inclusive centripetal regular arc geometry of the Izmir Bay. Design establishes its relationship with the city on a high scale with this strong departure. This circular, organic, inclusive and integrating effect of the bay metaphorically formed the general concept of the project. In this context, the first sketches and idea studies were effective in determining the simple geometry circle, which is thought to strongly support the concept, as the building block of the design. In line with these concept decisions, in addition to the indoor-open space organization on the plane, the idea of a flying roof, which finds itself a “mobile” space in the volume, not on the plane, was formed. In order to realize this idea, inflatable balloons with helium gas, which are used extensively in the field of advertising today, have reached a highly advanced technology, and the design has been shaped in this direction.